Friday, November 30, 2012

Are You A Kunstvermittler?

Top of the art world pyramid? Mark Staff Brandl notes the new German honorific "Kunstvermittler" for curators, historians, critics...meaning "art-intermediary" or "art broker" or "art middleman" or even "art procurer." 

Via Swiss Art Sharkforum:

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Armstrong's Breathing Sculpture

Sara Garden Armstrong's "Decem Aspirare" commissioned sculpture breathes.


Rauschenberg Combine Donated to MoMA

Sonnabend family donates key Rauschenberg combine to MoMA.

Via artdaily:

Lawrence Weiner Interviewed


"In my eyes, making art is very often about something that you don’t know" --- Lawrence Weiner.

via frontrow Dallas"

Stealth Self-Publishing Bonanza?

Stealth self-publishing bonanza? Simon & Schuster in deal with Author Solutions. But what do you get if you don't get the brand name? Re-writes and lecture gigs?

Via NYT>

Pix of founders, Mr. Simon and Mr. Schuster

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Metzger's Robot Art

Thinking of nothing, Destruction Art pioneer Gustav Metzger (b. 1926) lets a robot make his sculpture called "Null Art."

Interview in The Guardian:
John Perreault on Gustav Metzger:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Should Museums Rent Art to For-Profit Exhibitors?

Boston's MFA now rents art to for-profit exhibitors. In Artopia we hope they pay taxes on this! 

Story Boston Globe:

Christo Oil-Barrel Mastaba

Christo plans gigantic mastaba made of oil barrels for Abu Dhabi. Of course, he maintains the sculpture, which will be larger than the Great Pyramid, is only about "joy and beauty" and not about petroleum.

Story via>

Rosler's Garage Sale Live Feed from MoMA

Live feed from Martha Rosler's Monumental Garage Sale at MoMA Atrium to Nov 30.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Irony Trashed by Times

No Room for Debate. NYT publishes prurient attack on irony; Hyperallergic responds without irony. Which side are you on?

Storage Lesson Taught by Sandy

Lesson taught by Sandy --- store all your digital info in the cloud. Eyebeam story and video on is a wake up call. Yuk. Salt water is not good for computers, disks, tapes and any form of physical storage. story and Eyebeam video:

Brian O'Doherty Survives Patrick Ireland

Short interview with Artopia culture-hero, critic, writer, editor, artist Brian O'Doherty (Patrick Ireland 1972-2008) in Art in America.

Will The Real Brian O'Doherty Please Stand Up:
NY Times: Patrick Ireland Dies:

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chelsea Is Almost Back to Normal

Just back from Chelsea. Never fear. Almost normal, alas. The Gagosian Museum is open with a big Ed Rucha show; Matthew Marks has an unbearable Charles Ray display (stainless steel Segals); Mary Boone has slicker-than-slick Ai Weiwei floorpiece and painting. Metro Pictures almost ready. Sonnebend sealed tight. Nov. 17, 2012. 

Useless Objects

British artist Jeremy Hutchison to open December pop-up shop of "completely useless objects" which are therefore luxury items (he says). Our response: Dada bites the hand that feeds it.

More pix via>

Hutchison webpage:

Art and Religion?

When did Marina Abramovic, Kara Walker and Jeffrey Deitch speak at the Union Theological seminary and why? Art and religion together again?
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Friday, November 16, 2012

" Art by Telephone....Recalled" Opens at Harvey Foundation

Maps of reperformances of Telephone Music street work (1968) by John Perreault at five sites. Info:

Met Museum Sued for Admissions Fraud

Met Museum sued for entrance fee fraud.The mandate says it must be free. In small print, the entrance fees are deemed "suggested." Is that enough? 

Via gothamist>

New Parrish Art Museum Opens

 New Parrish Art Museum opens. The building is the star! Will the exhibitions live up to the building?

More pixs & video via designboom>

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guggenheim Loses Berlin

Guggenheim dropped by Deutsche Bank; venue on Unter den Linden will now be Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, under new management. Pakastani is first featured artist...Is this the beginning of a new global franchaise?

Via 4-traders:

Neel Nude Now Wallpaper

ARTOPIANEWS: "John Perreault" by Alice Neel (1974) in the Whitney Museum Permanent Collection now available as computer wallpaper with mouse pointer magnification window. Free. Warning! Image above is a detail; full image on wallpaper download site is a full frontal nude:

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tate's Gallery of Lost Art

Tate shows lost art works. Gallery of Lost Art. What? See examples in slide show: De Kooning, Duchamp, Bacon.....

Via huffingtonpost:

Shelley Miller's Sugar Tiles

Canadian Shelley Miller makes "ceramic" murals out of sugar.

Vis hyperallergic:

High Water Marks: Venice

High Water Marks: Venice yesterday. 

See photos:

MoMA Garage Sale

MoMA finally has a garage sale! Of course it is an artwork by Martha Rosler and it is not in a garage but in the MoMA atrium....

Marriage of a Gazebo and a Swing

EXCLUSIVE: New sculpture by John Perreault. Gazebo, swings, water, sand. Mother's Beach, Bellport, L.I., N.Y

Gallerist Rows Across Fire Island

EXCLUSIVE: Long Island gallerist Thomas Schultz, rowing across Fire Island, reached the Atlantic yesterday by way of a newly reopened inlet, courtesy hurricane Sandy. Old Inlet was last open in 1820 when a whaling ship sunk there an
d closed the channel, ending the Bellport whaling industry. Like all great heroes, explorers, and adventurers, Schultz was accompanied by a photographer, who apparently followed in another boat.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Parrish Opening

The Bellport Horizontalists and friends have a good time at the opening of the gorgeous, new Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill, Long Island. Show of Malcolm Morely's work also debuted.
Part of the Bellport-Long Island-Gang at the opening of the new Parish Art Museum on Friday evening. Over 1000 people attended. 

Chelsea Morning

Chelsea morning....Yablonsky in the Times.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Jazz Star

Unbelievable 23-year-old jazz star, singer Cecile McLorin Salvant. Via>NYTIMES. Catch up on more on YouTube McLorin Salvant videos!  Times piece: 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Book Publishers Doomed

Booksters sealed their own doom. Merger of Penguin and Random House is a symptom, not a solution...And mega-book chains refusing Amazon print products will not triumph over internet competition --- but that's another story.

For story:  The Guardian:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chicken Little Ignored Again

Reuters story shows what could be done to protect NYC and hints at who would pay, but fails to nail down why nothing has been done so far. Why? Chicken Little ignored again!

Reuters story:

Artists Books Destroyed!

Printed Matter dumps water-damaged artists books.