Thursday, January 31, 2013

Not All Priceless Books in Timbuktu Destroyed

Not all manuscripts lost in "Islamist" siege of Timbuktu. Most apparently were hidden and saved. Texts represent important political, everyday, and Sufi history in this medieval African trade center. Some black-flag Islamists feared pollution from the manuscripts! 

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Beach Nourishment Fraud

Beware of neologisms like "beach nourishment." Virginia Beach beach rebuilt 49 times since '51 @ $400 million in Federal tax money. A new term usually means a new con. Ranting against nourishment is like being against mother's milk. I say: Eat the sand!

Calling The Generics Biosimilars

If you want to protect your drug monopoly, impoverish your customers, and help sink U.S. federal health the generic competition-drugs "biosimilars." After intense lobbying by drug giants, Virginia has already banned "biosimilars."

Monday, January 28, 2013


How to waffle. Artspeak exposed by who? Sherrie Levine! 

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Chandelier Bidding Should Be Banned

What is chandelier bidding? Flimflam auction house practice of "pointing to the chandelier" for a fake first bid. Should it be a crime or is it just theater? How many other bids are false? 

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French Hashtag Ban Protest

"Hashtag" is now forbidden in France and the Twitter symbol must be called "mot-di├Ęse" (the "sharp" sign in music). John Perreault, whose heritage is Breton via Quebec rather than French, announced that in retaliation ARTOPIA would no longer use "rendezvous" or "souffle." 

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Did Zen Influence Conceptual Art?

Did someone actually get it right? Review: Ellen Perlman's "Nothing and Everything: The Influence of Buddhism on the American Avant Garde."